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440+ Premium WordPress Themes Pack

440+ Premium WordPress Themes Pack

  1. You will get 440+ Premium WordPress Themes pack.
  2. No license key will be provided.
  3. Add to your Cart to purchase.
  4. Download link will be sent to your PayPal email id.
  5. The theme pack is in a zip file approx. 1.5 GB in size.
  6. Zip files can be extracted with Winrar or 7-zip. These files can not be extracted on Server or Google Drive. You need to download these to your PC/Laptop and extract with Winrar/7-zip.
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15 Day Resell Rights Success 2nd Edition

Learn the 15 Day Proven Resell Rights Success Plan
Firstly, here are a few assumptions I would make about you:
  • You’ve got no previous experience in Internet Marketing.
  • Even if you do have previous experience in Internet Marketing, they are probably not amusing and non-profitable. No offence intended when I say this, but wouldn’t you opt for a better option which I am about to offer you?
  • You don’t know anyone online, not just yet.
  • You are ready to start all over. You have got no web site, no autoresponder, no web hosting, no Resell Rights products, and no anything. And I would tailor this entire 15 Day Resell Rights plan with you being all of the above in mind.
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Potent Foods To Help You Lose Weight & Live Healthy

Fat Burning Basics

If you’re overweight, you are not a bad person. You’re simply overweight. But it’s important to lose the extra pounds so you’ll look good, feel healthier and develop a sense of pride and self-esteem. Once you’ve lost the fat, you’ll need to maintain your weight. In this booklet, you’ll discover how to lose 10 pounds a month – a nice, safe loss of about two or two-and-a- half pounds a week – painlessly. You’ll feel satisfied and more energetic than in the past without feeling deprived.
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Landing Page Success Guide

How To Craft Your Very Own Lead Sucking Master Piece/Build a Mailing List At Warp Speed

Before you begin the attempt to build a successful list or create a powerful sales page, you will want to start with a rigorous introduction to landing pages. Another common word that is often used to describe landing page, is “squeeze page” (or “lead capture page” in some circles). A squeeze page is a page designed to get names and email addresses.
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Ebook Creation For Illiterate

Ghostwriters Goldmine!

An interesting legal twist, you can hire a writer, and then when the writer is finished, you own the complete copyright to the work. If it sounds too good to be true, it almost is! This eBook will guide you in completing a project so that you can earn some cash.
80 pages of some very useful information!
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How to Host a Podcast Interview

Interviewing people on your own podcast show is a great way to tap into another person’s huge success by associating yourself with them, to their listeners and yours. There is lots of information online and this eBook will be a good starting point to create and host your own podcast.

How to Make a Podcast

A podcast is an easy way of distributing media files over the internet, and this article will tell how to make a podcast. The first thing necessary is a domain, and a host on which to store the media files for the podcast. Getting a domain is simple and easy, there are many domain registrars that can register a domain for someone for a small fee. Some of these domain registrars are GoDaddy.com, Dotster, or Network Solutions are some that provide domains. The domain registrar will, for a small fee, enter the chosen domain, provided it is not being used, into the computers that form the backbone of the internet. These computers will be told where the domain is located on the internet; what host it is that holds the domain’s information. In order to give them that information, the name servers that are held by the host need to be associated with the domain. Once the domain is in place, a good host should be found. The host that is chosen should offer a large amount of both disk space and a much larger amount bandwidth. Disk space is necessary because the site which holds the podcast will be storing large media files; audio or video files that take up a lot of space and are difficult to compress. The large bandwidth is necessary because transferring these large files many times to many different people will use up the quota quickly. A good amount of diskspace would be several Gigabytes, bandwidth should be in the tens or hundreds of Gigabytes. Once the host is set up, it should offer you a couple of addresses called nameservers. Inputting these server addresses into the site where the domain was registered will complete the domain setup and allow the site to be found on the internet. The next step for people who want to know how to make a podcast is installing the software necessary to maintain the podcast. A small piece of coding called dircaster.php can be used to set up a basic level of podcast. Dircaster.php can be found easily by searching for it in any search engine. Once it is located, it should be edited to reflect the particulars of the domain and uploaded to the site. Dircaster.php will generate an RSS file, or feed, that tells the subscriber about the new files available for downloading. To begin podcasting, create the audio files that should be podcast, fill in the information about the file such as date, author, etc, and upload them to the same directory that contains dircaster.php. You now have a podcast, and all that is needed is to publicise the address of the file dircaster.php. To update the podcast with new information, just upload the new files. Other things to make the podcast better might be a site that contains information about the podcast, but it isn’t necessary.
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Creating and Marketing the Perfect YouTube Videos

YouTube is the world’s biggest streaming online video source on the Internet.
So what goes into the perfect YouTube marketing video? Creativity always counts, of course, as does professionalism.
One of the best things is you can earn some money while sharing your video creations. Some of the chapters in the Ebook are:
  • 5 Tips for Making a Great Marketing Video for YouTube
  • YouTube Marketing Tips-Promoting Your Perfect Marketing Video
  • Promote Your Perfect YouTube Marketing Video For Free: Here’s How to Do It
  • So how do you get your marketing video noticed on You Tube?
  • And many more…
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Amazon Kindle Mania – Learn The Amazing Profit Making Kindle Strategies

Would you like to become an author? You can do it! You do not have to be a great writer to earn from writing e-books. And this guide will show you why and, more importantly, how you can do so.

Attention To Serious Infopreneurs…

“I’ve Finally Found The Secrets To Make Huge Bucks Selling eBooks at Amazon Kindle”

Warning! Don’t Be Surprised To See Huge Sums of Money In Your Bank Account After This!

I have been looking for a book and knowledge inside it for quite some time, and nothing seems to provide what I was looking for any better than ‘Amazon Kindle MANIA’. You better hang on to your hat because this book is super awesome! Imagine yourself as a bestselling author on Amazon Kindle with thousands of books published by YOU, and each of them are selling like HOT cakes! This isn’t fantasy. Amazon Kindle MANIA is jam packed with killer strategies that will almost guarantee your success in your publishing career on Amazon Kindle. But that’s not all, you will learn how to write topics that your customers would love to buy. You no longer have to worry about what to sell and write. I learned everything this book is going to reveal to you the HARD way. I have literally spent a lot of time and resources for programs and courses that promise overnight success, but none of them work. I have tried many ways and have made lots of mistakes, but that was until I found some pretty effective strategies that can generate thousands of dollars from Amazon Kindle. Would you like to have a guide that tells you everything about creating killer books and generating thousands of buyers? Amazon Kindle MANIA can be your mantra to guide you along your journey in your publishing business. You will eventually save a lot of time, effort, and money. Whenever you are stuck, it is always there to guide you through. You can even avoid the countless costly mistakes that I have made. I really wish I had this guide when I got started. Anthony Robbins once said “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”, today you can make that decision! Can you imagine how far you can go with this book? You can now benefit from all the strategies in this book! Although it was originally priced at $47, you can now get Amazon Kindle MANIA for $10 (Saving You $37). That includes writing profitable topics, strategies to make your books stand out, the MAGIC formula, formatting secrets, pricing strategies, and some killer tactics to promote your book.

Who wouldn’t buy this book if they were serious about making their dreams come true?

Just think: The amount of time you need to learn the strategies and information by yourself, and you’d probably spend significantly more money than the price of this ebook. Have the Amazon Kindle Mania system – you’ll have your very own publishing empire, better than you could have ever dreamed, after applying everything you have learned!
Included is a Master Resell Rights (MRR) license where you will be able to resell this package online and make your money back. Just follow the licensing guidelines. This is your opportunity to succeed with your new publishing career and potentially making some serious cash & profit.
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