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Think you’ve exhausted all the content providing avenues there are? Think again, because you’re about to…”

“Discover How You Can Harness The Power of The Internet’s Greatest Retail Giant And Get Your Content Seen and Read By More People Than You Ever Thought Possible!”

Dear Internet Marketer, Are you frustrated with trying to drive traffic with the same old methods? Have your website stats flatlined? Are you looking for another way to get your valuable content in front of interested readers? Well look no further, because Amazon is the answer you’ve been seeking!

We’ve all shopped with Amazon. In fact, it’s probably the first place you look when you’re in the market for a new book, CD, or video. You might be one of the millions of users who can’t imagine life without their Kindle. And you most likely have an Amazon affiliate account that earns you a few dollars (or maybe even much more!) every month. But have you considered using Amazon’s marketplace as a way to gain new customers? Stay tuned, because in this information packed special report, I’m going to show you exactly how you can harness the power of the retail giant Amazon to gain new readers, sell more to returning customers, and even convert your blog posts into a format suitable for book lovers.

The Elephant in the Room

When it comes to selling online, one name is at the forefront: Amazon. Started in 1995 from a Seattle living room, has grown into one of the largest retailers in the world, and THE largest online. Amazon’s holdings include such diverse properties as,,, and the self-publishing company, CreateSpace. When you partner with Amazon to sell your content, you’re partnering with a marketing giant that is nearly unstoppable in terms of selling power, traffic, and exposure. Getting your book listed here is your ticket to increased sales, profits, and satisfied customers who come back begging for more. It’s time to kick your content sales into high gear by taking advantage of all this Internet authority can offer you. In Amazon Navigator, you’ll learn how to use the power of Amazon’s reach to further your own online business, gain more customers, and drive more sales.

Dangerous Waters Ahead

Self-publishing – even with the simple systems CreateSpace and Amazon have created – is not a walk in the park. There are many dangers that lurk just beneath the placid waters – dangers that might cause an unsuspecting content provider to miss their step and fall into a trap from which they cannot escape. But when you know what to watch out for from the start, the going is a lot easier. When you follow in the footsteps of someone who has traveled the road before you, you’ll quickly see how to move from one step to the next without missing a vital turn or tripping over a costly mistake. Follow along with me as I navigate through the Amazon self-publishing system and you’ll learn about
  • Available Formats – including some you might never have considered, but which might be perfect for your online business.
  • Kindle Formatting – and the simple option every webmaster can use to publish high-quality content on everyone’s favorite eBook reader.
  • Publishing Your Blog – and getting paid for it! Just by harnessing the power of the Kindle!
But that’s just the beginning…

It’s a Jungle Out There

The Amazon marketplace is a huge place with hundreds of twisting turning paths you can wander down and be lost for days. But when your income depends on getting your content out there in front of an audience, you don’t have time to draw your own map. You need a plan! Amazon Navigator is just what you need to keep you on the right path from start to finish, while giving you just the information you need – and none of the fluff you can’t use – to get your content published and sold on Amazon. You’ll find out
  • What to do about getting an ISBN. And why free might not be the best choice.
  • How to price your content competitively, and why you shouldn’t worry if Amazon decides to sell your content for less.
  • How to take your blog beyond WordPress with Kindle – and how to earn money doing it!
But that’s just the start. There are so many options available with Amazon, it was hard to condense it all down into this concise ebook, but I’ve waded through all the details and pulled out the relevant information you need, so you don’t have to waste your time turning over rocks and searching for bits of information. Get the Answers You Need to Start Publishing Your Content with Amazon Today! This informative guide gives you all the basics to help you get started down publishing your content with Amazon. It covers things like:
  • The various kinds of content publishing available – So you can choose the ones that exactly match your business model
  • How to make it possible for libraries and schools to buy your book  – and how to save money in the process!
  • 7 formatting problems that can get your project rejected before you even start – and what you can do to avoid these and other publishing roadblocks.
  • 10 methods you can use to get the word out about your new Amazon product – because when you’re an active part of your own marketing team, you’ll build a great future for yourself.
  • Kindle formatting issues that might shock you – mess this up and you’ll have a monster of a mess to clean up.You’ll also quickly learn the technical side of publishing with Amazon, including:
  • Which software is required to make your own CD/DVD and book covers – And what to do if you don’t have access to it.
  • Where to go to find help – you might just be surprised at the answer!
  • What sales channels are – and how to choose the right channels for your business.
Self-publishing is fraught with danger. There are dozens – maybe hundreds – of companies that offer their services to authors. Some are fantastic and some are, quite frankly, predatory. Amazon is one of the best, and in this report I’ll not only tell you what makes them better than most, I’ll show you how to use the power of their massive ecommerce empire to bring more dollars to your business. No other online publisher has the reach of Amazon. All you have to do to take advantage of that power is read this report. This quick-read, easy to understand ebook really is your roadmap to success in the self-publishing world. Do yourself – and your business – a favour and grab a copy today. If you find it’s not everything I’ve promised and more, you’ll be glad to know it’s backed by my unconditional… So grab a copy today, and get ready to publish and sell your content through the largest Internet retailer in the world. Soon you’ll have a crowd of paying customers clamouring for more – more information, more products, more of everything you offer. Your credibility and authority will soar, and so will your profits! Just click on the button below to learn more and get started today! Once you read the guide and get started publishing your content with Amazon, you’ll be just as excited as I am about Amazon Navigator. You’ll see how it can build your credibility, your authority, and your profits – while reaching out to customers you never knew existed! Best of all, publishing with Amazon gives you…
  • Extended reach, by putting your content in front of Amazons millions of daily visitors
  • New customers, by offering formats you’ve never considered, but that some people prefer
  • Added credibility in offline markets – nothing says “professional” like your name on a book cover!
  • Added income streams you can use to further diversify your income
all without spending a fortune on set-up, and without you having to buy hundreds of your own titles just to have them sit around and collect dust.  In fact, the best part about publishing with Amazon is their ability to handle every aspect of your distribution channels. From order fulfilment to customer service to returns, Amazon takes care of everything. All you have to do is enjoy the benefits of being a published author. Included is a Master Resell Rights (MRR) license where you will be able to resell this package online and make your money back. Just follow the licensing guidelines. This is your opportunity to succeed with your publishing career potentially making some serious cash. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. Just click the ‘More Info…’ weblink and then “Add To Cart” button now! Here is your golden opportunity that you’ve always dreamed about and wanted. It is right in front of your eyes! Why should you wait any longer? Get it today and watch your Kindle publishing career soar. Stand back, because your dream is about to come alive!

To your Amazon Publishing Success,



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